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Dare I say it, we are having an election this year and it is making me fearful for my horse. But my horse, who is not registered with any political party, is taking me to task about securing his future. Specifically he would like something in his water bucket when he needs to cleanse his pallet.

Water glistens from every corner of New Jersey in an aerial view; yet, we are running out of water. You see, all that glistening water is running off to sea and is not available for my horse to drink. Or for me to drink for that matter.

Granted we are johnny-come-latelys to the water issue because we have been blessed with an abundant supply. New Jersey isĀ  the most densely populated state in the nation and all those houses, roads, offices, and swimming pools are impenetrable to rain drops seeking a way into the ground and back into the water supply. Instead those little drops of life roll down the impervious cover right into a drainage system that floats it off to a river and out to the Atlantic. Forever out of the reach of Moke’s water bucket.

This year we have a ballot question. Will the residents allow our heavily indebted state to take on a new $400 million debt to purchase open space. I suspect a few other states may be asking a similar question. It’s a tough call during these hard economic times. And sad to say, most residents are thinking, ball fields, soccer fields, parks. Instead they should be thinking food supply and water. The open space issue in New Jersey designates that 40% of the money go into farmland preservation, but all of the open space (sans parking lots) will allow the rain drops to go back into the water supply.

New Jersey hasn’t hit the critical point that so many of our Western states have hit. But it’s coming, it’s coming to all the states. We would probably do ourselves a service to include in the ballot description, “and to provide a rechargeable source of water for the state residents and animals.DSC02388

So Mokes has pushed me out the barn door and stamped that I need to use my squeaky voice and ask people if they have thought about open space and water. He has a whole list of other things he wants me to find out about and ask people about too. ‘Cause he is scared about his future and horses have a way of making you move if they’re scared.


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